Shudder… “that artist that we dare not speak it’s name” jumps on bandwagon

October 11, 2007 at 6:22 am (music)

Sigh. I can’t believe I’m mentioning her name in this blog at all, but given past posts, it deserves a mention.
Found via Techcrunch, it appears that Madonna is (in a way) following suit. While she is not offering free to public music just yet (ala NIN and Radiohead), it appears that Madonna has dumped the record industry.


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  1. Phileeep said,

    Why are you being like this?

    Mentioning Madonna.

    It pains me so.

    As do her milllliions.


  2. matthewburgess said,

    I know Phil… I know.
    All in the name of reporting. How we suffer.

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